The doctoral programme's academic committee will evaluate the Research Plan, the activities document and the reports of the thesis supervisor and the tutor every year. A positive assessment is a prerequisite for continuing in the doctoral programme. A negative assessment on justifiable grounds will lead to the doctoral student being re-assessed within six months of the previous assessment, and he/she must produce a new research plan to that end. In the event of a further negative assessment, the doctoral student will be withdrawn from the programme on a permanent basis.

As a supervisor you have to evaluate the students' Research Plan and activities, and write an individual report. The Academic Committee of the doctoral programme will assess the student's progress based on your evaluation.

Academic year 2023-2024. Deadline: 25st May 2024


  • Once inside the doctoral thesis monitoring module, go to the application’s homepage: “Thesis tutorial and supervision”. Members of the doctoral programme’s Academic Committee must be sure to select that user profile (Academic Committee or Thesis Supervisor/Tutor) when logging in.
  • The screen shows the list of students whose theses you are supervising. If you wish, you can also access the list of students you are tutoring.
  • You will see the following information: surname/name; start date; reading date; deadline; administrative situation; thesis title; decree. Deadlines for depositing theses will be shown in red when they are less than one year away.
  • Select the doctoral student whose record you would like to access. To the left of each name, you will find one of the following two icons: to edit or to view.
  • If the doctoral student has made any changes to his or her record since the last time you accessed it, you will see a flag icon.
  • Once you are in the doctoral student’s file, you will see three sections which you need to revise:

1. ACTIVITIES DOCUMENT: Use the drop‐down menu in the “Review” column to change the status of the Training Activity (accepted, not accepted, etc.) or download any attachments. Remember, if the doctoral student has made any changes since the last time you logged into the application, you will see the flag icon.

2. RESEARCH PLAN: Access this section to download the Research Plan posted by the doctoral student.

3. THESIS SUPERVISOR’S REPORT: access this section and upload the annual assessment report (only necessary for second year onwards students; you do not need to write a report for first year students). 

Only the following cases are exempted from the annual assessment:

  • First-year students. The thesis project, which is submitted in June, is used for their first-year assessment. 
  • Students who have submitted their thesis for external evaluation as they have already fulfilled the objective of completing the first full draft of the doctoral thesis.
  • Students who have requested the interruption of their studies during the academic year.

Remember that doctoral students are assessed annually. If you give them a negative assessment, a new box will automatically be enabled allowing you to re‐assess them within a maximum period of six months.

You can download instructions here: module for supervisors.