Academic transcript application

  • Application
  • If you do not have the UPF card with digital certification or an electronic national identity card, you should apply at this link for your academic transcript.
  • If you are not member of the university community and you do not have access to Campus Global, you should make a request to apply for your academic transcript.


Doctoral diploma application



  • Other than a personal academic transcript


Registration of the doctoral thesis

  • Form to be presented at the Secretariat when the student has already successfully defended the Thesis Project and has been assigned a definitive supervisor. 


Modification of the doctoral thesis registration

  • Form to be submitted to the Secretariat in case of a change in the title of the thesis, a change of thesis supervisor, or when a co-supervisor is added. 

  • In this case, a renewal of your document of commitment is needed. The original document must be submitted signed by the PhD student, supervisor/s, tutor (if the tutor and the supervisor are the same person, he/she can sign twice). Remember to update the Document of Commitment of your Activities Document.


Thesis defence certificate 


Withdrawal of registration