The Academic Committee authorizes the thesis deposit

The student must submit to the Department Office (send the following documents by e-mail to: [email protected], and [email protected]):

  1. The final version of the doctoral thesis (PDF file): it must include an index, an introduction and conclusions. Check here the instructions for producing and presenting the doctoral thesis in A4 format at UPF.

  2. Proposed external evaluators (download form): the director of the thesis must propose the names and a brief curriculum of 5 externals evaluators*. These evaluators can later be members of the thesis panel.

  3. Doctoral thesis panel proposal form (download form). For each member proposed there should be a brief justification of his or her merits for evaluation of the thesis, including a list of relevant publications on the topic*.

  4. Doctoral thesis supervisor report (1-2 pages, free format).This report should describe the contents of the thesis and defend its validity for presentation before the thesis panel.

  5. If the thesis includes a co-authored article, each co-author must write and sign a brief report detailing his or her contribution to the article. Check the rules on co-authored articles.

Please note that documents should be handed to the secretary in paper form (the originals) including handwritten signatures. Scanned and digitally attached documents (sent by e-mail) will not be accepted.

We strongly recommend that supervisors check in advance that potential (1) external evaluators, (2) members of the thesis panel, and (3) substitutes may be willing to participate in the thesis defence.

The Academic Committee may accept the external evaluators and board proposals, suggest other evaluators and panel members or request a new proposal from the student.

If you want the International Mention (students registered in the PhD programme from 2012-2013) to appear in your doctoral diploma please check the special requirements that the thesis panel and external evaluators must meet. 

You can check the forthcoming meetings of the Academic Committee. Please note that we need to have the documents before the meeting and preferably one week before. We cannot attend to applications received the same day of the meeting.


If the proposed external evaluators are accepted, then the thesis will be e-mailed to them asking whether the thesis:

    a) can be defended without any changes

    b) can be defended with minor changes  

    c) can be defended with major changes

    d) is not of sufficient quality to be defended


Once the Academic Committee receives the reports from the external evaluators (it may take up to two months) there are four possible scenarios:

  • Option a) The Academic Committee authorizes the deposit and the defence.

  • Option b) The student must amend the thesis according to the changes proposed by the external evaluators and send  a new version of the thesis with a list of the changes made to the Academic Committee.

  • Option c) The student must amend the thesis according to the changes proposed by the external evaluators and send  a new version with a list of the changes made to the Academic Committee. The new thesis will be sent again to the external evaluators. 

  • Option d) The Academic Committee sends the doctoral thesis to a third external evaluator before making a final decision.

If the third evaluation is also negative, the Academic Committee will discuss whether the student meets the necessary requirements to resubmit a new thesis and the conditions to do so (e.g. dates of resubmission). If the student does not meet these requirements, he or she will be invited to leave the PhD programme.