The Department of Political and Social Sciences dedicates part of its budget to support the mobility and internationalisation of the PhD programme. These grants are mainly intended to help pre-doctoral students finance short stays at research centres and presentations at national and international conferences (Mobility Grants). Active participation in conferences with selective acceptance procedures is an important training in the PhD programme. Applications must always be submitted with the support of the thesis supervisor, who also signs the application. 

The call for applications runs annually from January to December.

Grants must be submitted to the Academic Committee of the PhD Programme, which is the body responsible for reviewing applications and authorising them.


1. Beneficiaries 

The scholarship programme is available to students enrolled in the PhD Programme in Political and Social Sciences. Active participation in the activities of the Department and the explicit support of the supervisor will be a prerequisite for obtaining the scholarship.


2. Main purposes of the call 

Research Stays: To facilitate the completion of the thesis at the UPF, through co-financing the cost of travel and stay in other research centers of recognized prestige, in order to deepen the knowledge of new techniques, methods, search or content issues closely related to their thesis.

Congress, seminars and workshops: Stimulate the mechanisms of exchange of information and scientific knowledge by presenting research at conferences, symposia and international events for researchers from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.


3. Key items




Up to 800€

Outside Europe

Up to 1000€

4. Elegible items and reimbursment of the expenses

Eligible items: travel expenses, accommodation and registration fees.

Accommodation and travel expenses must be justified by presenting an invoice.

If there are expenses for public transport to and from airports or transfers in the city, if there are original physical tickets, they will have to be provided to justify them.

Note: Avoid booking accommodation via Airbnb, as the UPF does not accept invoices from this provider.

It will also be necessary to provide a certificate of attendance for the activity.


5. Documents to apply for grants

Applications for mobility grants must be made before the activity is carried out. This application has to be previously authorised by the Academic Committee of the programme. You can consult the dates of the meetings here.

In order to do so, it is necessary to provide the following documentation:

Send this documentation to [email protected] a few days before the meeting of the academic committee. 


6. Mobility and Training Grants Regulations (Departmental Council, 15/02/2023)

The Department supports students to the best of its ability, within its budgetary limits, for their training in the speciality of their thesis. Once the thesis has been submitted for external assessment, the training period is understood to be over and no financial support will be granted for methodological courses, conferences and other expenses related to the completion of the doctoral thesis. In the specific case of RECSM courses (summer and winter courses), students who have already submitted the thesis for external evaluation or have made the deposit must finance the courses themselves, but may benefit from the student discount.