The UPF Academic Regulations for Doctorate Courses establish in their Article 4 that the ordinary regime for undertaking doctoral studies is on a full-time basis. However, at the request of the doctoral student, the AC of the doctoral programme may authorize the doctoral student to enrol the PhD programme on a part-time basis, in accordance with the provisions of Article 3 of the RD 99/2011.

Because the part-time regime is extraordinary, the AC of the PhD Programme will allow only a limited number of part-time enrolments and consider only applications of doctoral students under one of the following circumstances: (1) students without research grant; (2) students with children under 7 years of age, (3) students in charge of dependant ascending line relatives, (4) students with disabled children, i (5) students with disabilities. Students under one of these circumstances are eligible to apply for part-time enrolment by submitting to the PhD programme secretariat the following documentation:



  • For case (2) students, copy of the family book. For case (3) students, legal accreditation of the disability level of the child. For case (4) students, legal accreditation of being in charge of dependant ascending line relatives. For case (5) students, legal accreditation of their disability level.


  • Report by the thesis supervisor giving explicit support to the application and including a work plan that ends with the deposit of the doctoral thesis before the end of the ordinary period for part-time doctoral studies, the 5 th doctoral year, as established by the RD 99/2011.


The application can be submitted to the Academic Committee once the student has been admitted to the PhD programme and no later than the end of the third year of enrolment (full-time). Regimen change will not be accepted in the extension periods.