When the Academic Committee has authorized the deposit and the defence, the student must hand in the following documents to the Department's office:

  1. Doctoral thesis deposit form (fill in only the student personal data and sign) (download pdf  or word). Note: This form includes the International Mention request. 

  2. Declaration by the author of the thesis (download)

  3. Summary of the thesis & keywords (download)

  4. Authorization to use personal data on the Department's website (download)

  5. 1 hard copy (non-returnable) and 1 PDF file of the thesis: check compulsory UPF format specifications *

A copy of the thesis must be available in the library during 10 working days (Saturdays and other holidays not included) in order to be examined by any doctors who wish to read it. After this period, the Management Committee of the Doctorate School will decide at its next meeting if they authorize the defence of the thesis. Check the Committee's calendar of meetings.

Students have a maximum of 6 months to defend the thesis from the date the defence is authorized by the Academic Committee and the Doctoral School.

*  According to UPF policy and in order to adapt it to European regulations governing sustainability and the environment, from December 2019, the members of the board will not require a hard copy. They will receive a copy in pdf. format by e-mail.