Every year, we organize workshops in order to assess the progress of the PhD candidates. All the students enrolled in the PhD Programme participate in these workshops. This event is a unique opportunity for students to present and discuss their research work, as well as facilitating interactions among PhD students and stimulating feedback from more experienced researchers.

First year students, who are in the early stages of their research, are invited to present a poster – unless they prefer to present a paper - which will be discussed by senior students.

Second year students and onwards are invited to present a paper or chapter (work-in-progress). Students are expected to give a short presentation (20 minutes for presentation + 10 minutes for questions and discussion). The student must suggest in advance the name of professor/s who could act as discussant or, alternatively, indicate the field of her/his work in order to have a discussant assigned. The sessions are organised by topics and students in the PhD Programme act as chairman.


Previous Doctoral Workshops

I Doctorate Workshop 2018

II Doctorate Workshop 2018

Doctorate Workshop 2019


The next Workshop will take place  on 16-17 March, 2020.

Submission deadline: 2 March 2020.



https://www.upf.edu/documents/136772960/0/Image-1+%282%29.jpg/ad38d5b8-41b1-fced-4c61-d9a62d626fcb?t=1516103253570 https://www.upf.edu/documents/136772960/0/workshopdoctoratposters%282%29.jpg/b6b281c8-d8a3-6c25-fb56-f79ad8738db1?t=1516103317037








Sessions from the Doctoral
Workshop in January 2018.