Before making the decision to interrupt your studies, you should discuss your options with your supervisor.


1. Voluntary Temporary suspension (max. 2 years)

A doctoral student may request the voluntary temporary suspension of their studies for up to a year, a period that may subsequently be extended for up to a further year. The Doctoral Academic Committee will make a decision on such requests based on the reasons put forward by the student. Under no circumstances this voluntary interruption can be requested during the period of the extensions. 

During the leave of absence the student cannot participate in study related activities (participation in already planned courses may be granted an exemption).


2. Medical leaves

A student who must interrupt study temporarily because of illness or injury may take a medical leave of absence, contingent upon the submission of documentation from a health-care professional confirming that the student is unable to engage in graduate study; the documentation may include a statement as to when the student can be expected to resume studies.

In the case of incapacity for health reasons (including risk during pregnancy) the period shall be extended as follows:

  • By employment contract: It will be expanded in the time when the PhD student is on medical leave.
  • No employment contract: a committee of the doctoral school will review the application for medical leave and, on the basis of the documentation submitted by the student (i.e., certificates from registered doctors) will establish the duration of the leave. 

In both cases it will be necessary to provide all the supporting documentation to the department secretary ([email protected])


3. Parental leaves

Students who are pregnant, or whose partners are pregnant, or are adopting or hosting a child can apply for a period of leave of absence on parental grounds. The period shall be extended within the maximum time recognised by labour regulations as "period of rest or leave for employees". 

It will be necessary to provide all the supporting documentation (birth certificate) to the department secretary ([email protected]).