The Barcelona Winter Methods School (March, 2024) consists of three courses focusing on web survey methodologies, digital data tracking in research and electoral analysis. The Winter School is combined with a catered-for workshop event where academics will share their research on the challenges of integrating new data types in online survey studies. Mick Couper from the University of Michigan is the guest speaker.

The Barcelona Summer Methods School (June-July 2024) is a three-week intensive programme covering various topics on survey methodology and advanced statistical analysis of survey data. Introductory courses on Stata and R software are also offered. 

Participants can create their own programme at the Methods Schools by choosing the courses they are most interested in. The courses are generally taught in English by leading experts from universities around the world.

The Barcelona Winter and Summer Methods Schools are organised by the Research and Expertise Centre for Survey Methodology (RECSM), located at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona.

The Department has signed an agreement with the RECSM whereby students can select one or two courses per year depending upon the number of applications received (a maximum of 40 applications are financed each academic year). Students from the department must participate in-person although the courses are also offered online.

As soon as the RECSM announces the winter and summer school courses, the department will contact the students with instructions on how they can apply for the courses they wish to attend.  

Course withdrawal

Students who wish to withdraw their participation to an enrolled course before its starting date must duly notify to the RECSM ([email protected]with copy to Anna Salas Bernaus ([email protected]). Participants must inform of their course withdrawal by sending an e-mail at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the course.


Students who do not show up in an enrolled course, or who drop out a course before completing 50% of its sessions will be automatically charged for the cost of the course as we understand that this is a misused of public resources.

Editions of the RECSM courses:

Note:  The Department supports students to the best of its ability, within its budgetary limits, for their training in the speciality of their thesis. Once the thesis has been submitted for external assessment, the training period is understood to be over and no financial support will be granted for methodological courses, conferences and other expenses related to the completion of the doctoral thesis. In the specific case of RECSM courses (summer and winter courses), students who have already submitted the thesis for external evaluation or have made the deposit must finance the courses themselves, but may benefit from the student discount.