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Training for 1st year students


This seminar aims to help PhD students write and defend their thesis projects in front of an audience. The seminar has two parts. In the first part, which starts at the end of November and ends before Christmas, students must make a first presentation of an about 3000-word written thesis project to their peers and the professor convening the course (there will be two students' presentations inn each 2-hour seminar). In the second part, which runs in the second term of the academic year, between January and the end of March, students will make a second presentation of an extended and revised version of their research proposal (6000 words) in front of their peers and of their supervisor/tutor.

The seminar is intended to be a forum of discussion of students' projects, by exposing them to the scrutiny of a scientific and academic audience.


Course coordinator: Dr. Jorge Rodriguez (office 20.118).

Autumn Seminar Research: November-December 2023. 

Winter Seminar Research: February - March 2024.