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The UPF Doctorate in Political and Social Sciences has its own predoctoral scholarship programme. This programme aims to attract excellent candidates and provide the means for them to devote themselves fully to the research and development of the doctoral thesis. Each year pre-doctoral fellowships will be called, which may be extended for a maximum of three years. 

The scholarship recipients will be contracted as predoctoral research staff in training [PIPF], as provided for under the resolution of the Board of Governors of 9 May 2012.


Call PIPFUPF GRANT 2021-2022 Call/Aplication/List admitted students/Resolution Closed
Call PIPFUPF GRANT 2021-2022 Call / Application/ Resolution Closed
Call PIPFUPF GRANT 2020-2021 Call not available
Call PIPFUPF GRANT 2019-2020 Call Closed


Other Pre-doctorat Researcher Funding see the website of the Department