Questionnaire Design

We have designed survey measurement instruments for many internal and external projects. We provide classes on this topic and offer consulting to projects here at UPF and external projects of academic, governmental and commercial researchers in a variety of disciplines[link consulting]. If you are looking for guidance for designing a questionnaire or for an expert review of you questionnaire draft, contact us.

Quality Estimation of Survey Questions

Our researchers have extensive experience with estimating the measurement quality of survey questions. Next to conducting research about the topic[link to publications in theme survey methodology], we have developed a free license software, the Survey Quality Predictor (SQP) enabling researchers to estimate the quality of their own survey questions upon coding their questions according to a number of formal and linguistic characteristics. If you are looking for guidance in estimating the quality of your survey questions, contact us.

Measurement Error Correction

Where quality estimations have been obtained, measurement error can be corrected for. Correcting survey data for measurement error is advisable whenever possible as it can prevent biases in substantive outcomes of an analysis. Our research shows that correction for measurement error is straightforward to implement[link to publications in theme survey methodology]. If advise on this could be helpful for you, contact us.

Cross-cultural surveys and questionnaire translation

In order to measure the same concepts across languages, cross-cultural surveys require particular attention to the translation process. After data collections, measurement equivalence can be tested. We conduct research on both of these aspects of cross-cultural surveys[link to publications in theme survey methodology]. If you are looking for advice on topics specific to cross-cultural surveys, contact us.

Survey Development for Web Surveys

Conducting surveys in web mode requires additional considerations which our researchers have given much thought to[link to publications in theme survey methodology]. How to sample participants for web surveys? Which scales and format result in high quality survey answers? How long should web surveys be? Does the device used make a difference to data quality? If you look for advice on web survey related matters,  contact us. If you would like to collect web survey data yourself, we invite you to take a look at our lab services[insert link].