RECSM offers advice and expert knowledge on survey research to academic, governmental and commercial researchers. The centre pursues this aim through the following activities:


Advice and expertise: RECSM offers customized consulting on survey design. Expertise projects 


Education, training and exchange: RECSM offers seminars and short courses on methodological issues and statistical techniques, hosts conferences to facilitate exchange between researchers and organizes annually the Barcelona Summer School in Survey Methodology.

Survey Quality Predictor (SQP 2.1) is a semi-automatic software to evaluate the measurement quality of survey questions. It contains a database of more than 70,000 survey questions in more than 20 languages. SQP can be used to consult and compare the quality of existing questions, to evaluate and improve new questions, and to correct for measurement errors.
Laboratory of political and social sciences hosts studies with experimental, quantitative, and qualitative methods. It allows researchers to conduct a wide range of studies such as computer-assisted or in-situ studies and individual or group experiments/data-collection.