Welcome to the Information and Communication Technologies Engineering (ETIC), a young and energetic multidisciplinary department of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona. The ETIC was established in 1999 with the undergraduate studies in Computer Science.

Ever since then, besides growing with new studies, several masters and a full Doctoral Program, ETIC researchers have been pushing to achieve excellence in areas such Audiovisual Technologies, Networks and Communications, Brain and Cognition, Computational Biology and Biomedical Systems, Cognitive and Intelligent Systems.

Our community, more than 350 people that include around 50 nationalities with different scientific backgrounds,  creates a dynamic and exciting environment to work.

We could tell you a lot about our international academic leadership, about our competitive national and international projects, or about our weekly organized activities. But we prefer you find out.

Working at the ETIC offers you the opportunity to work in a great research environment with a friendly and collaborative group of people.

Our most warm welcome!

The whole ETIC Community

ETIC’s member form

Before you arrive we would like to have all the relevant information about you. Please take your time filling in this form that will help us make your integration at ETIC easy and agile.


Schedule your arrival

We understand that the first days and weeks will be filled with excitement, loads of information and many questions. To help you with that, we would like to prepare the basics you need for you to start working at ETIC the very first day. For this reason please schedule your arrival using our calendar


International DTIC

International ETIC is part of the ETIC Department at Universitat Pompeu Fabra specialized in giving support to International Researchers, PhD Students and Administrative Staff. The main areas of advice are both pre and post arrival. This office also provides information about activities and the integration of International Staff in the University. Contact International ETIC at: international.dtic@upf.edu and visit our webpage International ETIC 


Where to stay

You can find information about the housing situation in Barcelona in Living in Barcelona, what to look for and think about, when you search for and find a place to live, before you move to Barcelona. We include some useful links to help you in your housing efforts. Good luck!


Check your documents

Prepare your journey to Barcelona with our Checklist of things and documents we highly encourage you to bring for your stay, some of which you will need for registration with authorities and others for your stay.

Contact with Admin’s Office (55.020) to obtain your initial access:


To gain access to the facilities you should have an access card.To obtain it, you should contact the DTIC’s administration by filling the ETIC’s member form, indicating your name, the group to which you belong and the area/s to which you have access. We'll add the default access to the building, elevators and dining room. The card you receive is personal and non-transferable.Later on, you have to change it for the UPF’s red card. The processing of your UPF card, which identifies you as a member of the University, starts the same day you join UPF. You can obtain it in the page UPF’s red card.


Campus Global

Campus Global is the UPF intranet. It can be accessed from the home page of the University’s website: www.upf.edu. You can enter Campus Global from the day after your details have been registered through your department if you are teaching and/or research staff, or through the PAS Service if you are administrative and service staff. You will need a personal code ((Uxxxxx) and a password. You can find out your code by clicking on the Campus Global option on the homepage of the University’s website http: www.upf.edu and following the instructions. The password will be your date of birth in the following format: dd/mm/yyyy.



In case you have problems when connecting your PC or you need specific software, you can contact the secretary’s office or, if you can, contact the Computing Service via User Attention Centre (CAU): https://cau.upf.edu/informatica/



With your password, you can access our intranet, which is a private network that only ETIC members can access. There, you can find all the procedures related to our Department, forms and practical information about infraestructures, recruitment, international ETIC, PhD programme and research and economic and expenses procedures related to research.


UPF e-mail account

The Administration Office  provides you with an email account which you will be able to access from the day after you have sent your request to your service or department. How to access your email: from the Mail option in the left menu of the Campus Global, or from webmail: http://correu.upf.edu. Deptecn: when you receive your email you will be added simultaneously to the Distribution List for email of the Department dept.tecn@llista.upf.edu. It will allow you to be constantly updated about recent news and events.


WiFi network

The Administration  Office will submit the password to you. WIFI network for visitors and delegates: event@upf is a “courtesy” internet access for visitors and delegates who temporally visit our University but do not have a Campus Global user and therefore can not connect through eduroam. WIFI network for people who stay more than 15 DAYS: The wifi network eduroam is available for all members of the university community with a Campus Global user. For visitors who stay more than two weeks, we also recommend to use event@upf.edu ‒taking into account that this network is “restrictive” and its password changes every month.

Where can I consult my payslip?

The payslip is uploaded to the Campus Global monthly. You can access it by entering with your Campus Global username and password, PDI section, "Destaquem", "Nòmina". Click here for more information on Health Card, Social Security, Bank Account and Taxes.


The campus

This is Campus de la Comunicació-Poblenou. It concentrates all the education, training, research and production in the field of communication and technology, bringing schools, departments and institutes together.

Campus Poblenou User's Guide (pdf)


How to find an Office

All UPF offices are signposted with five-digit numbers: the first two, separated by a decimal point from the other three, correspond to the building code. Of the three others, the first corresponds to the floor on which the area is housed, and the other two refer to the area itself.

There are five buildings with different numbers each https://www.upf.edu/campus/en/comunicacio/.


Office supplies

At the DTIC secretary’s office we have all the office supplies you need for developing your job.


Postal mail

The University has an internal mail and package service operating among UPF units and buildings, and an external mail service. The envelopes you can use are in the administration office (Room: 55.020).

Collection: Staff in reception collect the mail from the Administration Office, according to an established schedule. 

Delivery: The mail is delivered directly to your personal postbox (behind tanger's reception desk)


Telephone Service

Once the admin have assigned you a telephone number, you must incorporate it in the University telephone guide. To do so, you need to access the Directory through Campus Global and search for your name. The staff directory  contains the telephone numbers, emails and contact addresses of all UPF lecturers and PAS.

To make calls to an outside line: dial 0 (zero) before the telephone number.

For internal calls: only the last fours numbers of the telephone number need to be keyed in.


Cafeteria, Restaurant and Staff Dining Room 

UPF Campus has a bar and restaurant in Roc Boronat building. In addition, all buildings have vending machines for purchasing food, and hot and cold drinks.

The Staff Dining Room is in Tanger Building ground floor.


The Library and IT services

LRC (Learning and Research Center) is a set of professionals who share the mission of providing library, computing and audiovisual quality services to the university community, so as to contribute to innovation and excellence in teaching, learning, research and management of Universitat Pompeu Fabra. All the services offered by the library and IT Services can be found at https://www.upf.edu/bibtic/en/biblioteca/.



The Teaching Quality and Innovation Support Units are structures that give support to both innovations initiated by members of the teaching staff, and the quality of education in each UPF centre; in our particular case, the Polytechnic School. More information here .

If you are teaching, please check this basic information about teaching organization in our center: https://portal.upf.edu/web/usquid-etic/docencia-esup


The Research Office

The Research Service is the University’s administrative unit which focuses mainly on promoting participation in research programmes, managing competitive grants related to scientific work and providing support for the production and implementation of the research policies endorsed by the vice-rector’s offices. For more information: www.upf.edu/rdi/


Knowledge Transfer and Entrepreureship

The mission of the Innovation Unit - UPF Business Shuttle consists of promoting the transfer of the technologies and knowledge generated at the University, supporting researchers in their interaction with society and where the application of the results of their research is concerned, and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit among the university community. Further information is available from www.upf.edu/innovacio

First of all we want to say thank you. Thank you for your dedication, your efforts, your ideas, your enthusiasm. We hope you had a profitable time at the ETIC and we hope that you have felt comfortable among us. You have for sure contributed to what the ETIC is now, so again, our sincere thank you.

What to do

  • Please let us know your new mail address, e-mail and phone contact in case we need to get in touch with you in the future. Send us a mail with the information to  secretaria.dtic@upf.edu
  • Follow us on Linkedin

Your opinion counts

We would like to improve our service and is very important for us your experience and your opinion. Please take some minutes to send us your feedback and suggestions through our feedback form. We appreciate also your feedback words and would like to post them. 

 As a PhD student, it was a great challenge and a wonderful period in which I could work with excellent people from different fields 

           – Dr. Gabriel Martins

                               Phd Student


UPF provided me with all the tools and aid required to achieve my goal. I feel proud to have the opportunity to represent such a professional and high-level institution everywhere I go. I am forever grateful

           – Dr. Luis Sanabria

                               Phd Student


The DTIC is very efficient, and it supports students with scholarships, travel grants, etc.

                 – Dr. Laura Becerra

                                    Phd Student