Research Areas

The department has a highly interdisciplinary research environment with faculty interests covering a broad range of topics that can be broadly grouped into four areas:

Multimedia Technologies

Research in this area cover topics in image processing in general and in cinematography, sound and music computing, human-computer Interaction, graphics and educational technologies, and cognition as it relates to multimedia.

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Computational Biology and Biomedical Systems

Research in this area covers topics in computational neuroscience, analysis of biomedical data, nonlinear signal analysis in biological systems, instrumentation and biomedical electronics, computational simulation and biomechanics, medical imaging and modelling of complex biomedical systems.

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Computation and Intelligent Systems

Research in this area covers topics in foundations of computer science, several aspects of artificial intelligence such as planning, natural language processing,  computer vision, machine learning, ubiquitous computing, information retrieval and data mining, and human cognition and its relation to robotics.

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Networks and Communications 

Research in this area covers topics in wired and wireless networks, network science, information theory and coding, as well as policy aspects and strategies as they relate to network technologies.

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