The School of Engineering offers a wide range of subjects for its Bachelor students. Exchange students will be able to access a selection of subjects on an equal footing as UPF students. 

To help you start planning your stay, the School has created a list of subjects where you will find information about the language, timetable, and credits.

Offer for incoming students:

Academic year: 2019/20. School of Engineering. Subject Offer in English & Spanish for Exchange students



To see the complete schedules, we recommend to use the following application:

Publication Schedule

It is necessary to select information from the following sections:

Study: select the bachelor degree

Academic course: Select the year of the subject. In the case of subjects OPT, you must select "OPTIONAL"

Academic period: select the term.

The updated information of the schedules for the academic year 2019-2020 will be avaliable in September 2019.

You can see the updated information about the contents of the subjects in here, following the same procedure.


Distribution practice  and seminars groups schedules:

For each subject, there are groups of theory which are divided into two practice groups and practice groups are divided into 4 groups of seminars. The numbering used is as follows:




Practice group: 



Seminar group:

 S101 / S102

S103 /  S104


To find out which group you belong seminars, have an option in the Global Campus, the link "Aula Area". There you will find the list of registered subjects, and for each of which group you are seminars. Practices group can be deduced from  the previous scheme.

If you have any questions, go through the secretary office (Tanger Building, ground floor, Room 55.018)

Mobility coordinator:

Rafael Ramírez

Before signing the agreement, you can contact the academic coordinator to evaluate your proposal mobility registration

If you want more information you can visit the page of each degree.