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Software developer


This position will involve working at TIDE-UPF in Barcelona to support their research in projects (e.g. CSTrack) especially with respect to the development and maintenance of web platforms.

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Application deadline: 26-5-2021

Research Support Staf

In the framework of an European Institute of Technology (EIT) project, within the Urban Mobility area, we seek a research assistant to develop part of the tasks of coordination, definition of training and materials and analysis and creation of business cases related to Blockchain and urban mobility. This will be a partial time job, being in constant contact with the project consortium.

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Application deadline: 31-5-2021

Senior engineer in IoT wireless networks

The Wireless Networking research group aims to explore new concepts, communication paradigms and technologies for future wireless networks. We are looking for a dynamic and autonomous person to design, implement and test communications protocols for wireless sensor networks. More specifically, the application of Machine Learning methods is sought to obtain a better performance and optimization of an ambiental monitoring network in an urban environment (Smart Cities). 

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Application deadline: 20-5-2021

PSR per a la Promoció i la Comunicació de la UCA ETIC

Actualització i modificació del web ETIC, webs pròpies de Màsters i Intranet amb la supervisió del responsable immediat
- Recopilar i publicar notícies lligades a la recerca del departament TIC i de l'Escola d'Enginyeries amb la supervisió del responsable immediat.
- Publicar i controlar les ofertes de treball per a la recerca de l'ETIC amb supervisió prèvia.
- Donar suport en l'organització d'activitats de Recerca i Acadèmiques de la UCA ETIC
- Donar suport i portar el control dels convenis del ETIC i les empreses. 

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Termini:  21 de maig del 2021

Support to MIR research 

Support to MIR researchers in the frame of the project MIP-Frontiers, Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions. In particular she/he will provide support to the ESR in the creation of dissemination materials to promote the field of MIR as part of their training.

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Application deadline: 4-5-2021

Engineer position at the BCN-MedTech

An engineering position is available at the BCN-MedTech Research Unit,  as part of the EU Horizon 2020 SimCardioTest project (2021-2024; SC1-DTH-06-2020, Grant agreement No. 101016496), ideally starting May 2021. The main goal of this position is to continue the development of the VIDAA and VRIDAA platforms to add advanced functionalities such as realistic device deployment, connection of the web-based interface to cloud-based processing of the data, or visualisation of fluid simulation results, among others.

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Application deadline: 26-4-2021

Research Assistant in Artificial Intelligence

Applications are invited for a research assistant in Artificial Intelligence in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning group led by Anders Jonsson within the project RLeap, ERC's Hector Geffner.

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Application deadline: 9-4-2021

Research Support Staff

Applications are invited for a Research Support positions in the Computational Neuroscience Group (CNS),, led by Gustavo Deco, at the Center for Brain and Cognition,, Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona).

The position is funded by the EU project: "Human Brain Project Specific Grant Agreement 3", HBP SGA3, grant agreement num. 945539 EU FET Flagship.

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Application deadline: 26-3-2021

Researcher developer position open

The MTG-UPF, in collaboration with BMAT, starts a project funded by the Generalitat de Catalunya that will foster research and development on psychoacoustics and computational modelling. In the project we will address perceptual thresholds of music in different audiovisual contexts.

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Application deadline: 26-03-2021