In order to apply to the DTIC Phd program you should use the UPF doctorate site.

Admission to the DTIC PhD is competitive. Last year we received approximately 150 applications from all over the world. In order to ensure a complete and competitive application, careful preparation and attention is required. Please plan well in advance of the application deadline and submit your application early. In particular, we highly recommend candidates coming from outside the EU to apply before the 4th Application Period.

We highly encourge that, before applying, you identify one or several DTIC research supervisors with who'm you would like to work and contact them requesting a support letter. This will give you the opportunity to discuss potential PhD topics and other important issues such as funding opportunities. Applications including a support letter will be given priority.

Please bear in mind that you are expected to complete a PhD thesis in 3 years. To have a reasonable chance to acomplish this it is absolutely necessary that you find an advisor very soon. By default, your will be assigned as advisor the DTIC member signing your support letter.

The PhD program offers a number of fellowships and teaching assistantships. Only candidates accepted to the PhD program are eligible for a fellowship. Hence, every fellowship application should be paired up with an admission application into the DTIC PhD program.