Applicant’s profile

  • Good and accredited undergraduate and master's degree in engineering, computer science, mathematics, physics or any other discipline related to the research area  in which the PhD candidate will develop her/his thesis. Students need to have completed 300 ECTS credits, 60 of those corresponding to an official postgraduate, research-oriented master’s program.

  • As the PhD program is in English, so candidates must present an accreditation of English competence, level B.2 .

  • Previous research experience and interest in one the research areas and topics of specialization of potential supervisors of the PhD program that the candidate will indicate in her/his application.
  • Track record of publications on one of these areas is an advantage.
  • Skills for continuous, self-directed and autonomous learning.

Please check the formal ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS and the application dates at the UPF doctorate site.

In order to apply to the DTIC Phd program you should use this link to the UPF doctorate site.


Admission procedure and criteria

Admission to the DTIC PhD program is competitive. Our department offers 40 positions for new PhD students yearly. Last year we received approximately 150 applications from all over the world. In order to ensure a complete and competitive application, careful preparation and attention is required. Please plan well in advance of the application deadline and submit your application early. In particular, we highly recommend candidates coming from outside the EU to apply before the 4th Application Period.

Before applying, students should identify one or several DTIC research supervisors with whom they would like to work and contact them, in order to discuss potential PhD topics and funding opportunities.

Supervisors might schedule an online interview and issue a support letter to the candidate if they consider her/him as a strong candidate to the program.

During the selection process, the academic committee will select the candidates based on their CV. Applications with a support letter will be given priority, and students will be initially assigned to the supervisor issuing the letter.

The PhD program offers a number of fellowships and teaching assistantships. Only candidates accepted to the PhD program are eligible for a fellowship. Hence, every fellowship application should be paired up with an admission application into the DTIC PhD program.


Useful information for international students

When to apply 

Our Department strongly encourages international applicants to apply in the first or second round at the latest to allow admitted candidates enough time to address visa issues.

Admission and visa letter 

Admission and Visa letters will be sent by email and standard post once the admission in the doctoral program has been notified.

Document legalization 

The legalization of documents is not required for the application process. Once admitted, students who have followed their studies in a University from outside the EHEA must legalize their documents in their country of origin before enrolment in October.

Living in Barcelona

Students admitted to a doctoral program will receive a welcome pack by email with pre-arrival and orientation information. You can also find useful information on the UPF website Living in Barcelona.