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2. Profile

‘Enhancing UPF’s uniqueness will help strengthen the Catalan university system as a whole’

Laia de Nadal Clanchet, rector of Pompeu Fabra University

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3. community

The shrinking gap between languages and technology: thirty years of changes at the UPF Faculty of Translation and Language Sciences

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4. Visions

Past, present and future of translation and language sciences: Esther Tallada and Blanca Arias

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6. From campus

‘Delicacies’ at the UPF Library: Fifteen diverse and unique works, in the spotlight

Presenting a sample of diverse documents from the UPF Library’s catalogue, many acquired through donations and transfers. Whether because of their antiquity, the specific characteristics of the edition, distinctive elements they contain, or the fact that they represent milestones, all can be considered unique.

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7. Zoom

‘It is important to combat fake news to build a fairer society’

Paloma Rodiles Marín is about to finish her bachelor’s degrees in Humanities and Journalism at UPF. She is the founder and CEO of The Hist, a streaming platform for freelance journalists that she likes to describe as an Only Fans for the news industry.

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8. Innova

UPF INNOValora: committed to knowledge transfer

The UPF programme to identify and fund research results with the potential to become market solutions

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9. Our alumni

‘We cannot feed seven and a half million people with four happy chickens’

Laia Angrill Perelló, an alumna of the UPF bachelor’s degree programme in Global Studies, works on her family’s livestock farm in Peramola (Alt Urgell).

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10. Quiztime

Centenary of the birth of Antoni Tàpies i Puig, one of the most prominent Catalan artists of the 20th century

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11. tres60

Raewyn Connell: ‘So, if we are concerned with gender equality, a great many men will need to be involved in the process’

Raewyn Connell, professor emerita at the University of Sydney, sociologist and expert on masculinities, was awarded an honorary doctorate by UPF at a ceremony held on 17 April in the auditorium of the Ciutadella campus, which Connell attended virtually from Sydney.

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12. Panoramic view

UPF Highlights