PhD viva, Communication Department, Pompeu Fabra University

Title: The climate of the elites. Press coverage and political perception of climate action contrarian think tanks in Europe

Author: Jose Antonio Moreno Cabezudo

Director: Dr. Núria Almiron Roig

Tribunal members

President: Dr. Miquel Rodrigo Alsina, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Secretary: Dr. Rosalba Mancinas Chávez, University of Seville

Vocal: Dr. Bruce Toby Andrew Miller, University of California Riverside

Event details

  • Date: December 15, 2023
  • Time: 11.00h
  • Room: Auditori (Poblenou Campus)
  • Language: Spanish


This thesis is part of the THINKClima project and addresses questions about the press and political impact of think tanks opposed to climate action addressed in this research project. Thesis abstract:

The general objective of this dissertation is to understand the press and political impact of European think tanks that oppose climate action. The content analysis of 1,516 press texts shows that certain newspapers have reproduced the frames of the most relevant climate action obstructionist think tanks in Europe, mostly in the UK. In the examined sample, frames with political content predominate over those with scientific content. The analysis is complemented by a survey of MEPs and interviews with APAs in the European Parliament that indicate almost no awareness of climate action contrarian think tanks, despite showing that think tanks are generally used in policymaking. This thesis contributes to the lines of research on journalism, interest groups and climate action obstructionism.

​​​​​​Keywords: climate change, climate crisis, climate obstructionism, climate denialism, scepticism, journalism, think tanks.