Núria Almiron, Jose A. Moreno and Justin Farrell have published in the journal Public Understanding of Science their paper entitled: "Climate change contrarian think tanks in Europe: A network analysis". This research responds to one of the objectives of the project, aimed at examining the networking capacity of European think tanks against climate action.


Drawing from network theory and previous findings from US-based analyses, we measure the structure and interconnectedness of climate contrarian think tanks in Europe. This exploratory analysis can illustrate European organizations’ capacity to promote or disrupt political discourse. To this end, we use social network analysis to conduct actor-focused research. We identify the individuals bridging European think tanks, as well as their ties with the US climate change contrarian network. Our analysis reveals a discernible network structure for European climate change contrarian think tanks, with a profile connected to neoliberal organizations, including a few, but highly relevant links, with the US countermovement. We also find that the European think tanks’ institutional structure is very much shaped by a strong predominance of men, which aligns with previous research on masculinity and climate contrarianism.


Almiron, Núria, Jose A. Moreno, and Justin Farrell. 2023. ‘Climate Change Contrarian Think Tanks in Europe: A Network Analysis’. Public Understanding of Science 32 (3): 268–83. https://doi.org/10.1177/09636625221137815.