On 30th September 2020, THINKClima was invited to conduct a seminar on "Climate change denial and interest groups" for activists of the Groningen Feminist Network (GFN), a member of the Stichting Inclusive Action North (SIAN) of The Netherlands. The seminar was held online in the context of the Climate Action Fortnight, a series of events about the climate crisis organized by GFN, SIAN and other activist groups in the city of Groningen.
The seminar summarized the latest findings of THINKClima with the aim to transfer knowledge to the general public and, specifically, to people from the NGO sector. The talk was given by Jose A. Moreno, who explained to the participants the double definition of climate denial (scientific and ideologic) the project analyses, the concept of climate movement vs. climate countermovement, and the case of climate contrarian European think tanks with emphasis on The Netherlands.