Climate impact of animal-based diet in European think tanks

Almiron, Núria, Miquel Rodrigo-Alsina, and Jose A. Moreno. 2022. ‘Manufacturing Ignorance: Think Tanks, Climate Change and the Animal-Based Diet’. Environmental Politics 31 (4): 576–97.

Despite the evidence concerning the substantial greenhouse gases emissions resulting from animal-based food production, climate policies and institutions around the world have barely made an issue of this link until very recently. To better understand this lack of attention, we focus on the discursive role of think tanks as prominent but under researched actors attempting to shape public policy. This contribution examines whether European think tanks have discussed animal-based diets regarding climate change policies and mitigation actions. We conduct a frame analysis study of 110 European think tanks, encoding all their available online output in English related to the link between global heating and animal-based food. We conclude that European think tanks have contributed to a manufacturing of ignorance regarding the impact our dietary choices have on the climate. Ideological reasons related to economic, anthropocentric and patriarchal worldviews explain this role.