Jose A. Moreno & Núria Almiron coordinate a special issue in Ámbitos journal

The pre-doctoral researcher within the THINKClima project Jose A. Moreno, and the project director Núria Almiron, have coordinated the monograph "Lobbying for (in)action: Climate Emergency, Interest Groups, and Denial", in Ámbitos. Revista Internacional de Comunicación.

This special issue is the result of the THINKClima conference of the same name, celebrated online in May 2021. Thus, this issue of the journal brings together a selection of proposals presented at the conference that have communication as their common axis.

The journal Ámbitos is open access and its articles can be consulted on the web.




Lobby por la (in)acción: Emergencia climática, grupos de interés y negacionismo
Jose A. Moreno, Núria Almiron



Beyond climate change denialism. Conceptual challenges in communicating climate action obstruction
Núria Almiron, Jose A. Moreno


Climate action obstruction in the Spanish far right: The Vox's amendment to the Climate Change Law and its press representation
Jose A. Moreno, Gina Thornton

Androcentrism and conservatism within climate obstructionism. The case of the think tank CLINTEL in The Netherlands
Mayte Moreno-Soldevila

La trampa de la incidencia: el caso del activismo juvenil ecologista en Catalunya
Ariadna Romans i Torrent

Local climate change reporting in coastal cities: Selsey (UK), Santos (Brazil) and Broward County (USA)
Eduardo Pardo Gutierrez