Lobbying for inaction. Climate Change, Denial and Interest Groups

On 3rd July 2017 THINKClima held a panel within the Barcelona International Critical PR Conference #7 that took place from 3rd to 4th July at the Faculty of Communication of Universitat Pompeu Fabra, in Barcelona. The panel addressed "Lobbying for inaction. Climate Change, Denial and Interest Groups" and included the three following papers:

"Redefining the ethical challenges posed by climate lobbying: Unveiling ideological denial", by Núria Almiron, director of the THINKClima project

This paper introduces the role of ideological denial in climate inaction. Ideological denial refers to the anthropocentric ideology spread by the strategic communication of both top polluting lobbies and climate advocates. This ideology justifies all sorts of means with a single end: to prioritise human interests. This paper argues the success of this strategic message is the main cause of climate inaction.

“Lobbying for nuclear with climate change as a pretext”. By Marcel Coderch, Activist, Energy expert, and former lobbyist, Spain

This paper discusses the technological myth in the climate denial discourse by arguing that the Nuclear Renaissance at the beginning of the XXI century was a carefully orquestrated public relations campaign.

“A Complex Systems Approach to Advocacy against Climate Change”. By Ana Fernández-Aballí, Activist, postdoctoral researcher and member of the THINKClima project.

This paper reviews the theory, ethical underpinnings and methodological configuration of currents of thought, fields and movements, developed both in the Global South and the Global North, to understand their influence and potentiality in climate change advocacy.