Climate change contrarian think tanks in Europe

A network analysis published in Public Understanding of Science

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Rethinking think tanks. Experts vs impostors

New book by Núria Almiron and Jordi Xifra

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Dominant Counter-frames in influential climate contrarian European think tanks

Paper published in Climatic Change, 2020

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Climate Change Denial and Public Relations

Book published in Routledge, 2020

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Manufacturing ignorance: think tanks, climate change and the animal-based diet

Paper in Environmental Politics by Núria Almiron, Miquel Rodrigo-Alsina & Jose A. Moreno

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Welcome to the THINKClima website

We study climate change denial in Europe disseminated by European think tanks or organizations working as think tanks – i.e., advocacy organizations generating knowledge to influence policymakers, the media and the public opinion.