The quality assurance policy of the degree programmes has, on the one hand, a university dimension that is reflected in the definition of the UPF IQAS framework, and consists of ensuring that the operation of the degree programmes is based on the availability of effective information for decision-making, systematic analysis and the promotion of continuous improvement of the degree programmes, understanding that these elements are necessary requirements for the teaching quality of the University. On the other hand, it has a centre dimension since each centre uses the UPF IQAS framework for the elaboration of its own Internal Quality Assurance System.

The Center of Political and Social Sciences has set up a programme of internal quality assurance and assurance of its undergraduate, master's and doctoral programmes, which is in charge of its highest management and control body of the quality system, which is the Centre's Quality Committee. This is responsible for the implementation, monitoring and improvement of a set of quality processes that must be implemented in each course (bachelor's, master's and doctoral) and therefore ensures the implementation, monitoring and improvement of a set of quality processes to be implemented on the teaching model. The functions of design and quality control are coordinated and promoted, under the supervision of the Director of Department and by the Quality Manager, who is responsible for coordinating the management of all activities directly related to quality. The task of the Centre's Quality Manager is carried out in collaboration with the administrative and technical units that work in the SIGQ of the UPF, while also reporting to the Director of the UCA and/or the Quality Commission or others of which he/she forms part or is summoned.