The Faculty of Political and Social Sciences offers a wide range of courses for its Bachelor students. Exchange students will be able to access a selection of courses on an equal footing as UPF students, upon availability of spots. Please check the link to the offering in the chart below regularly because information on language of instruction, professor and schedule updating is in progress.

In the meanwhile, a list of Course offering for Incoming students (see below) has been produced by the Faculty for you as a reference. Note that this is not the whole list of courses open to you, but an advancement of courses for which language of instruction is guaranteed. We invite you to check the broader and complete offering, where you will find more courses in Catalan, Spanish and English. Please keep in mind that the signing of your Arrival Plans and/or Learning Agreements by the Academic Coordinator does not guarantee you access to courses you include in those documents, particularly for courses where there is high demand and a limit to the number of students who can take the course. 

Moreover, if you want to get the syllabi of courses or additional information about the Faculty you can follow the links for each degree.  

*Bachelor's Degree in Political and Administration Sciences

"Pràctiques externes" (21685) and "Treball de fi de grau" (21686) are not offered to incoming students.

Note for incoming students who take a course at their home universities remotely during their exchange programme at UPF and want to take their home university course exams while at UPF:

Depending on staff availability, we could accommodate such requests as long as the exam is within university working hours (09:00 – 17:00 CET Monday to Friday, except public holidays) and our faculty’s secretariat ([email protected]) is notified by the home university no later than 2 weeks before the exam date.

Please, note that even under those conditions we cannot guarantee that such petitions will be accommodated as this will depend on staff availability. 



Professor: Christos Zografos

Telf. 93 542 19 66 

Despatx: 24.428

Correu: [email protected]  

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