The department holds an annual Research Forum consisting of formal research talks given by external renowned academics and also invited UPF-DCPIS lecturers and researchers. The speakers use the forum to discuss innovative lines of research and theoretical inquiry, report on particular projects and research results, and discuss the application of new methodologies to specific fields.

The main goals of the Research Forum are to:

  • Foster a fruitful dialogue and exchange of ideas among those attending the talks.
  • Contribute to the academic training and socialization of our PhD and Master students.
  • Invigorate the internal climate and culture of the department
  • Strengthen the academic reputation of UPF-DCPIS internationally.

Research Forum talks will take place on Thursdays 12-1:30 PM (rooms TBA) and are open to all DCPIS members and beyond (online registration to the talks will be required for all attendees). Faculty and instructors are kindly asked to bring their students (only at the Master and PhD level) to these presentations and offer academic credit for their attendance and participation.

Each invited speaker will be taken out to lunch by her/his host, and individual/group meetings between the speaker and interested faculty and students can also be available on that day, based on the speaker’s availability and schedule. The goal of these meetings is to facilitate a direct exchange of ideas and for the students to have an opportunity to network and consult with the speaker regarding their research projects. Each speaker’s host is responsible for organizing these activities (i.e., lunch and meetings).

Download the programme for the 2023-2024 academic year here: Research Forum Programme'23-24