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PhySense was established by 2 permanent Professors (O. Camara – Prof. Agregat and B. Bijnens – ICREA Research Prof) of the Department of Information and Communication Technologies within the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in October 2011 and recognised by the Generalitat of Catalunya in 2014 (2014 SGR 1258). Physense is also part of the BCN-MedTech unit. 

Therefore, PhySense was created to provide a platform for Interdisciplinary and Translational Biomedical Engineering Research with a strong focus on linking technological and theoretical science with physiological and clinical knowledge in internationally oriented excellent research.

PhySense aims at being a biomedical engineering research group, active in Computational PhysiologyComputational GeometrySystems Medicine, Biomedical Signals and Biomedical Electronics with a focus on interdisciplinary, internationally oriented, excellent research.

Therefore, the scientific and technological objectives of PhySense are:

  • Develop, validate and use computational approaches to measure and simulate physiological processes.
  • Develop and deploy mathematical and computational tools for describing and comparing complex geometries and their transformations in order to quantify biological organs and tissues.
  • Combine physiological, metabolic and anatomical knowledge and measurements to understand and stage diseases and to propose and evaluate therapies.
  • Develop innovative signal analysis techniques to quantify biomedical processes and their time course.
  • Explore the use of bioelectrical phenomena in the context of anatomical and physiological knowledge and personalised information for developing new methods and devices for biomedical diagnostics and therapies.

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