The added value of Physense is that the combination of these areas and the interdisciplinary projects, involving each time several of the areas, provides a fertile basis for novel biomedical engineering applications. In each of the funded or doctoral projects, several of the staff researchers, with distinctly different, but very complementary backgrounds, are involved.

The core researchers of the emerging research group Physense consist of 3 permanent Professors (O. Camara – Prof. Agregat, B. Bijnens – ICREA Research Prof, R.G. Andrzejak and A. Ivorra) and 2 Tenure Track researchers (C. Butakoff – Lector). 

Besides the core researchers, the group has 11 PhD students that actively collaborate in the research going on in the group. Additionally, 2 Post-doctoral researchers are incorporated in the group, mainly assisting in the running projects and helping in the training of the PhD students. Currently, the group has 1 scientific developer, supporting the software implementation related to the scientific projects.