JMC Member: Javier Arregui

Role: Academic Coordinator

Degree/Master: Hispanic and European Studies Program. UPF Year Abroad Program

Years of Execution: 2020-2023

Contemporary Issues in EU Politics and Society

The target groups of this course are USA and Canadian undergraduate students (coming from different disciplines) who want to increase their knowledge about the EU integration process from a political science perspective. The main objectives of this seminar are the following: 1) to trace, critically analyse and explain the process of European integration from a historical and a political science perspective; 2) to compare and contrast the US and the EU political systems in order to highlight points of convergence and divergence; 3) to show a capacity for synthesis as regards the politics and the institutions of the process of European integration and of the EU itself; 4) to understand the key concepts used in traditional European integration studies; 5) to demonstrate an appropriate use of political vocabulary when referring to the European Union integration process; 6) to understand the day-to-day functioning of the most relevant European institutions; 7) to develop further university level research skills in essay presentation, library source searches and critical thought.