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EPDECIDE is a funded research project (Spanish MINECO, R&D Academic Project) which will aim to identify and assess in a systematic way the main sources of power and influence that rest on the European Parliament (EP) decision-making as well as to explain how these are used to turn policy controversies into legislative outputs.




The Working Team of the Research Project will include: 

1. Dr. Javier Arregui (Jean Monnet Chair, IP of the project, UPF): Link to profile, Extended CV and scientific production

2. Dr. Robert Thomson (Monash University, Australia): Link to profile

3. Dr. Rory Costello (University of Limerick, Ireland): Link to profile 

4. Dr. Ariadna Ripoll Servent (University of Salzburg, Austria): Link to profile 

5. Dr. Christilla Roederer-Rynning (University of Southern Denmark): Link to profile 

6. Dr. Francesco Camonita (BACES, UPF): Link to profile 


Furthermore, EPDECIDE will be affiliated to the IP's Research Group "Institutions and Political Actors" (IPA), whose members include: