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In this section, you will find examples of teaching resources made available by the EUGov project in open-access. We provide useful materials (PPTs, video extracts) helping higher education teachers and university professors activating procceses of Knowledge-Transfer on the EU, its governance mechanisms and public policies. 




1) Methodological Tools for Explaining the EU to a Young Audience 



-  Activity: Secondary School Teachers' Workshops (Extract from 2021 edition)

 - Check out our PPT presentation for teachers on the EU response to Covid.

-  Check our PDF Dossier including multiple sources and methodological tools for better explaining the EU through learning, debating and playing.

-  Don't forget to check out the website of our partner, the UAB European Documentation Center, for further sources and references.





2) EU Simulation Proceedings 



- Activity: EU Council Simulation (Experimental Module from the BA in Political Science and Political Administration) on the MFF 2021-2027.

- Note: The Simulation was initially conceived as a face-to-face teaching activity, but it was adapted to the online format. This was done by employing a fully-licensed Zoom digital space with access to surveys & polls (for voting proposals) and Break-out rooms for delegations' meetings. 

- Check out the following documents:

a. The Dossier on the EU Budget Formation given out to students 

b. The Summary Rules of Procedure

c. The Excel document with an example of the preliminary mapping of policy positions from national delegations and the PPT where to introduce the proposals from coalitions. 

d. An example of the agenda programme of the day of the simulation.