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Part of our Research Commitments as a Jean Monnet Chair includes the development of books and textbooks surrounding comprehensive EU Studies topics. 

Published Books

Europeanisation of Public Policies in Spain (EN & ES)

This book is a relevant source of information for scholars interested in the impact of the European Union on the policies and politics of Member States, as well as scholars who seek more information about the contents of the policy domains under study and the variety of observable outcomes. As many chapters of the book demonstrate, Europeanisation is certainly a significant and interesting factor of policy change in Spain. However, in addition to the Europeanisation process, there might be other dimensions interacting, revealing broader political and policy developments across EU Member States.

The book is a product of a collective project supported by the Center of Excellence Jean Monnet: Barcelona Center for European Studies (BACES) at Pompeu Fabra University, as well as the Jean Monnet Chair in EU Governance, which brought together several scholars from different disciplines and Spanish universities to collaborate on this project. In this volume, both well-established academics and a new generation of scholars are brought together. All scholars who participate in this project are active researchers on EU issues from different disciplines, including political science, law, economy, and sociology. The chapters included in this volume clearly reflect the research interests and expertise of the participants. This produces a more profitable approach to the theoretical frame of the volume.

You can have access to the full book in English in this link.

You can have access to the full book in Spanish in this link.

Future Projects

Currently, our Chair is involved in the development of a book proposal that revolves around the EU Citizenship Policies.