Bachelor's Degree: Political and Administration Sciences

  • European Politics 
  • Public Policies in the EU
  • Politics and Society in EU (for students from USA and Canada)


Research Master in Political Science

Master in Current Democracies: Nationalism, Federalism and Multiculturalism

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master European Politics and Society

  • The construction of EU and its consequences on the European population

Doctoral Thesis directed

Title: Coalitions Governance: Causes and Consequences

Doctorate: Albert Falcó

University: University Pompeu Fabra (Department of Political and Social Sciences)

Year: 2011

Mark: Excellent Cum Laude (by unanimity)

Directors: José María Maravall and Javier Arregui



Doctoral Thesis currently directed


Carving an Alternative European Identity in EFTA Countries: Joint Political Participation in Transboundary Crises  | Carlos David Bravo

Can European identity be constructed? | Gerard Casas

The influence of European Union (EU) accession process on women’s civic and political participation in Turkey | Ayca Kepir

Why Do Citizens Vote for Eurosceptic Parties? An expression of the social shocks provoked by the globalization process and the crisis of representative politics | Josep Comellas

The Education of Chinese Immigrants in Europe: The Role of Chinese Communities of European Countries | Yang Wang

Compliance with European Union Legislation: A Comparative Look at Regions, Policy Area and Practical Application | Peter Clinton

Impact of EU Cultural Policy on European Identity. Does Cultural Diversity Matter? | Siresa Lopez

The influence in the variations of Actor´s Capacities in order to explain EU policy-making | Clement Perarnaud