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Prof. Dr. Francisco Javier Arregui Moreno is an Associate Professor of Political Science (“Profesor Titular”) at Pompeu Fabra University. As a Professor, he has broad experience in teaching and researching on European Union politics, comparative politics and public policy. He has been awarded a triple Jean Monnet Chair in EU Governance (2016-2018, 2018-2021 and 2021-2024)

His main research areas are the political process and the policy-making that take place in the EU, as well as the analysis of European public policies designed and approved in Brussels and their implementation in Member States.



  • BA in Political Sciences and Sociology at UNED (1994).
  • MA in Political Behavior at the University of Essex (1997) and Diploma of Data Analysis at CIS (Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas, 1999)
  • PhD in Political Sciences, entitled "Negotiation in Legislative Decision-Making in the European Union" in the Interuniversity Center for Social Science Theory and Methodology, of the University of Groningen (The Netherlands) (2004) 


Current Affiliations 

  • Associate Professor of European Politics in the Political and Social Sciences department of UPF since 2010
  • Associate Researcher of the John Hopkins Public Policy Centre
  • Member of the transnational research group DEU (Decision-Making in the European Union) and IPA (Institutions and Political Actors) at UPF 
  • Director- Coordinator of the Master in Research in Political Science and the European Master in Governance (taught jointly between UPF and the University of Konstanz)
  • Coordinator of the Erasmus Mundus Programme 'European Politics and Society" since 2017 
  • Director of the Barcelona Center for European Studies (BACES)



  • Asociación Española de Ciencia Política (AECP) 
  • European Association of Political Science 
  • Standing Group of European Union Politics of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) 
  • Doctoral Member of the Interuniversity Institute of Social Science, Theory and Methodology (ICS) (The Netherlands) 
  • James Coleman Association 



  • VI Research Prize "Catalunya-Europa Siglo XXI" from the Catalunya-Europa Foundation (2017)
  • Award for the best research paper (2008) from the Asociación Española de Ciencia Política (AECP) 

Research & Publications

To consult Prof. Arregui's latest research and publications, click here to further explore this website. 

Otherwise, you can consult the UPF's Scientifc Output Portal (PPC) for a record of all research outputs. 

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