The DTIC department recognizes the importance of attending top conferences for PhD students. To this end, the DTIC provides travel grants to assist supervisors that are experiencing difficulties supporting their PhD students' travel needs.


  • The student should be first author (main author if alphabetical order is adopted) of the paper.
  • The student should present the paper in the conference.
  • The paper should be peer reviewed (no extended abstract) and published in conference proceedings.
  • The conference should be top ranked in the field of expertise of the student.
  • The supervisor should have no active projects.
  • Priority will be given to tenure track professors with no active projects.
  • In order to accommodate the maximum number of students, each student will have preference for A SINGLE travel grant for the whole duration of his PhD Fellowship.
  • Priority for students in the last state of their PhD work.
  • It is not required that the paper is already accepted at the time of applying. In this case, the travel grant might be awarded conditional on acceptance.