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Travel Grant: Maria Rauschenberger

Travel Grant: Maria Rauschenberger



“Thanks to the DTIC funding, I was able to attend the co-located conferences


— WWW/TheWebConf

— DigitalHealth

in Lyon, France and present my paper „Towards language independent detection of dyslexia with a web-based game.“ This work is part of my ongoing research towards a Ph.D., supervised by Ricardo Baeza-Yates and Luz Rello.

The combined conferences are perfect to present and discuss the research results and get in contact with outstanding scientists.  “

Maria Rauschenberger presented her work on how to detect children with dyslexia with a web game at the international conference W4A — The Internet of Accessible Things.


If you are interested in this project, you can participate by playing this game from any computer or tablet with a internet connection. You can apply to participate by sending an e-mail to the following address [email protected]  to receive an invitation. Children between the aged 8 to 12 with or without dyslexia can participate.

Please include into your email the mother tongue of your child.

For further information about the projects that Maria Rauschenberger is carrying out, see: www.mariarauschenberger.com/projects