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Welcome Session for new ICT PhD Students

Welcome Session for new ICT PhD Students

In order to make the arrival to ETIC and UPF life as smooth as possible, we are offering a Welcome Session for new PhD students.




During this session PhD students will have the opportunity to:

  • learn more about a number of academic and organizational aspects
  • find answers to their questions
  • meet new colleagues


The schedule for the Welcome Session is as follows:

11'30 - 12 h. - Snack time

Welcome by Miquel Oliver, Director of ETIC Department

Research at ETIC by Miguel Ángel González

The PhD by Emilia Gómez, PhD Coordinator

The Research Seminars by Aurelio Ruiz, Research Seminars Coordinator

DTIC Fellowships and teaching positions by Vanesa Daza

Tour around the campus with Ruth Temporal.
We are hoping to meet you all there!!! 





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