Back Presentation of the TeresIA project for Spanish terminology

Presentation of the TeresIA project for Spanish terminology



On December 11th 2023 the TeresIA: Portal de acceso a terminologías en español y servicios de Inteligencia Artificial project was presented in Brussels. The function was held by the Spanish government commissioner for the PERTE (Proyecto Estratégico para la Recuperación y Transformación Económica), Cristina Gallach, and the TeresIA coordinator, Elea Giménez Toledo, from the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC).

TeresIA’s main objective is to connect several corpora made up of terminology and scientific texts to extract their terms, validate and normalize them, and offer them in several website environments. The project’s been provided with 1,450,000 euros and is administered by a committee formed by CSIC, the Instituto Cervantes, the BSC (Barcelona Supercomputing Center), the Universidad Técnica de Madrid, the Real Academia de Ingeniería (RAI) and the Asociación Española de Terminología (AETER).

The project’s name strives to recognize the role our colleague, Teresa Cabré, has played in the last fifteen years. She is an emeritus professor at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and the current president of the Institut d’Estudis Catalans, and was the head of IULA from 1993 until 2004, as well as the principal investigator on the IULATERM group from 1994 until 2014. Teresa Cabré designed and pushed the initiative, which was called TERMINESP back then, during the AETER presidency. Several IULA members accompanied her on this path with reports, strategies and evaluations of the concept. The institutions that have worked for years to make this project possible have been the Instituto Cervantes, the Unidad de Traducción del Español from the European Union and AETER, with the direct participation of IULA.

We are glad that the initiative has come to fruition, and we hope to follow it closely now that it’s been set in motion.



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