Here you will find both the activities related to lexis, terminology, and specialized discourse, organized by the IULA and held in its facilities, in which the members of IULATERM have played an active role, as well as the activities organized directly by the group IULATERM. If the proceedings of any activity (seminar, workshop, congress, etc.) have been published in one of the series of the IULA, a link to Publications page is done.

IULATERM Research Seminars

‘Standardology’, neologism of the year? Research on linguistic standardization


IEC’s online linguistic resources: present and future


Language, terminology and health: research for the transformation and empowerment of society


How do the large language models such as ChatGPT work?


Discourse analysis in the service of lexicon: surrogacy in Spanish media discourse


Línies de recerca IULATERM-TRL