LATEL developed audiovisual corpora and spoken language processing tools. The development of designs, prototypesot products complements its dedication to theoretical, descriptive and applied in these fields.


Accs online

ReSOLC-mitjansCAT is an online platform for professionals of the spoken language (journalists, dubbing actors, multimedia producers and linguistic consultants from the media in Catalonia) about the correct and adequate pronunciation of vocabulary in a broad sense (general vocabulary, toponymy, onomastics, initials, etc.). Based on a common representation that aviods the ambiguities of spelling, this tool presents pronuntiation through the combination of the following variables: dialect, property, field and formality.

The digital publication La veu de les ones gather different points of view on the use of spoken Catalan among the different professional groups that use it, and it also promotes the activity carried out by the reSOLC platform and publishes news on the field of oral quality.