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Neologisme de l'any 2023 results


Imatge inicial

The Observatori de Neologia at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, alongside the Secció Filològica from IEC, TERMCAT and 3Cat launched the tenth edition of the Neologisme de l’any campaign on December 11th, in which 14.034 people have voted.

The winning neologisms have been revealed today. Among the ten eligible words in the ‘la paraula nova’ category, viralitzar has won, with 28,1% of the votes. Off the ten ‘la paraula corrent’ words, tiet tieta has won, with 32,2% of the votes. 

Like every year, the Secció Filològica from IEC will look into the winning words and will assess the possibility of adding them to the prescriptive dictionary, taking into account that society is looking to find them there. Besides, you can still participate in the meme contest, in which you can win either 500€ or 250€.



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