Resolution of the Board of Governors of 28 june 2021


Article 1. Purpose and scope of application

1.1. The purpose of this regulation is to regulate acceleration in undergraduate courses. Acceleration in studies allows UPF undergraduate students with good academic performance to progress in their studies more quickly than is established in the course guidelines.

1.2. This Regulation applies to students enrolled in a bachelor’s degree at Pompeu Fabra University who meet the requirements set out in Art. 2 herein.


Article 2. Requirements

Students will be eligible to accelerate their courses if they:

2.1. Are taking an undergraduate course at Pompeu Fabra University.

2.2. Have passed the entire first year.

2.3. Have passed all the credits enrolled for up to the time of application.

2.4. Have an average score in their academic record of at least 8.5 for all subjects enrolled for at the time of application.


Article 3. Application

Students who wish to take an accelerated academic year must submit an application addressed to the dean or their director of studies within the deadline and via the means established by the University, which will be duly published.

The application must include a favourable report issued by the student’s tutor, informing that the student meets the requirements and setting out the subjects for which the student may enrol for that academic year.


Article 4. Decision

4.1. The decision regarding the application, after assessing the tutor’s report, shall fall with the dean or director. This decision must include the subjects for which the student can enrol that academic year.

4.2. The decision is only applicable to the academic year for which the application was made.

4.3. The student may lodge an appeal against this decision before a higher authority.


Article 5. Enrolment


5.1. The student can enrol for up to 50% more yearly credits than those for which he or she is required to enrol.

5.2. Only the subjects set out in the decision can be enrolled for.

5.3. The student may enrol for the subjects included in the decision for that academic year, provided that enrolment is carried out within the deadlines set by the University and in accordance with the established enrolment order criteria. The reservation of places cannot be guaranteed outside these periods.

5.4. All other aspects concerning enrolment are regulated by the Regulations established by the University.


Article 6. Incompatibilities

Students may not accelerate their studies if they:

6.1. Are studying a double degree programme.

6.2. Are taking a simultaneous studies programme at UPF.

6.3. Have the recognized status of part-time student.