Agreement of the Board of Governors of 15 July 2009

Pompeu Fabra University has considered the need for and the timeliness of the creation of a programme that helps promote the University among its alumni, the members of the academic community in the international environment and scope, and, in general in the institutional world and the world of enterprise.

This programme, called UPF Alumni (programme of alumni and friends of UPF), aims to promote the image of quality of UPF both nationally and internationally. Principally, the programme will target alumni of UPF, its teaching staff, administrative and service staff and other people associated with the University.

Currently, alumni associations exist (UPF, IDEC, ESCI) that carry out activities and offer services directed at alumni. With the creation of this programme, UPF seeks to go one step further, assuming the tasks of promoting UPF in this sphere and seeking the coordination, collaboration and participation of these associations within the global framework of the UPF Alumni Programme so that they can mutually improve in the interests of the image of the University and the interest groups mentioned.

Although initially the UPF Alumni Programme will concentrate its activity on the group of alumni, it shall oversee the whole process of association of students from the time they request information concerning registration at UPF until they become alumni.

For all of the above and in accordance with the provisions of article 79 of the Pompeu Fabra University By-laws,


One. Creation and denomination of the Programme

The UPF Alumni Programme (programme of alumni and friends of UPF) is created.

Two. Purpose

The UPF Alumni Programme aims:

  • To create and maintain the links and the feeling of belonging to the community of Pompeu Fabra University by all collectives related to it or that have had dealings with it.
  • To promote and convey the University's image of quality to the interest groups related to it, such as alumni, lecturers and other individuals who may be of interest to UPF, such as future students, the companies and institutions that interact with UPF in coordination with existing departments and programmes that already aim to achieve this.
  • To establish the platform that, in the medium term, enables commencing fundraising activities in order to fund some of the University's new projects.

Three. Objectives

3.1. The general objectives of the UPF Alumni Programme are:

  • To see that the alumni are duly informed as to University news and projects.
  • To improve the network of contacts between alumni, relations among them and their relationship with the University.
  • To foment the continuing education of alumni, in coordination with the academic units of UPF and the centres of the UPF Group in order to offer suitable postgraduate courses.
  • To boost the professional career of alumni providing them with the right tools (senior employment service, guidance courses, mentoring and others).

3.2. In order to achieve these objectives, services and structures will be created to boost the network of alumni and their association with the University via the UPF Alumni Programme.

3.3. Alumni associations will also be supported so that they can offer basic, common services to all of their members.

Four. Functions

 The UPF Alumni Programme shall perform the following functions:

  • Manage registrations with the UPF Alumni Programme.
  • Create the technical platform necessary to ensure communication and the development of the services directed at the UPF Alumni community.
  • Safeguard the brand image of the UPF brand in communications addressed to the defined interest groups (alumni, lecturers, etc.).
  • Maintain and update the database of the Alumni Programme.
  • Manage and coordinate the services in common, such as e-mail, access to the library, national and international clubs, etc.
  • Set up national and international clubs and chapters in order to foment the network of relations among the alumni and between them and the University.
  • Set up services and activities to boost students' professional careers (senior employment service, guidance courses, mentoring and others).
  • Promote the supply of postgraduate programmes for alumni and continuing education courses for the different interest groups.
  • To promote the coordination of the activities of the different associations in order to foster synergies among them.

Five. Functional reporting and management

5.1. The UPF Alumni Programme reports to the office of the vice-rector responsible for matters concerning alumni.

5.2. Its management may be commissioned to an instrumental entity of UPF in accordance with the terms set out by agreement.

Six. Programme structure

The UPF Alumni Programme comprises the following organs:

  • Executive Council
  • Advisory Council
  • Director

6.1. The function of the Executive Council is to approve the strategies and budgets of the Programme and it is made up of:

  • The rector or the person in whom he/she may delegate, as chairperson.
  • The president of the Board of Trustees or the person in whom he/she may delegate.
  • A vice-rector responsible for matters concerning alumni.
  • The rector's commissioner for the IDEC.
  • The general manager.
  • The Head of the Rector's Office.
  • The Programme director, who shall act as secretary.

6.2. The main function of the Advisory Council, a consultative body, is to steer the UPF Alumni Programme in analyzing strategies that help to boost the link between the University and its alumni. Its members will support the Programme in its representation in activities promoted by the Programme.

It shall comprise a minimum of eighteen members. Among them shall be nine due to the position they hold or by appointment by the rector, as defined in the following section, and nine representatives of the alumni.

The chairperson of the Advisory Council is appointed by the rector of UPF from among its members. The director of the Programme shall act as its secretary.

The nine representatives chosen due to the position they hold or by appointment by the rector are:

  • The chair of the Committee of the Board of Trustees for promotional matters.
  • One member of the Rector's Board of the IDEC.
  • One representative of an entity that is associated, via agreement, with UPF for carrying out teaching activities, proposed by the centre.
  • One vice-rector responsible for matters concerning alumni.
  • Five UPF lecturers appointed by the rector.

The nine representatives of the alumni are:

  • Three alumni who are members of the UPF Alumni Association, appointed by the rector proposed by the Association.
  • Two alumni who are members of the IDEC Alumni Association, appointed by the rector proposed by the Association.
  • One alumnus who is a member of the ESCI Alumni Association appointed by the rector proposed by the Association.
  • The representative of the alumni who is a member of the Board of Trustees.
  • Two alumni of renowned prestige proposed by the Board of Trustees.

The rector may appoint other members maintaining the proportion and nature of the abovementioned representations.

6.3. The Programme director shall undertake to propose the design of the services and implement the strategy of the UPF Alumni Programme.

Seven. Beneficiaries

The UPF Alumni Programme primarily targets alumni of UPF, IDEC, ESCI and other centres associated with UPF, in addition to the members of the teaching and research staff and administrative and service staff as well as other persons closely linked to the institution. Members may be:

Full members:

- Holders of UPF undergraduate or postgraduate qualifications that have passed at least 20 ECTS credits.

- Students on exchange programmes who have spent a stage of two or more terms and those of the Hispanic and European Studies Programme who have taken one term apart from the introductory course.

- Alumni who, despite not having the minimum number of credits required, are members of an alumni association at the time of passing the Programme.

Associate members "friends of UPF": the remaining alumni, UPF academic and administrative staff and anybody else closely linked to the University.

Eight. Services

8.1. The services offered through the UPF Alumni Programme are:

  • E-mail address.
  • Information bulletin from the University.
  • Access to internet communities.
  • Directory of alumni.
  • Access to library services.
  • Senior employment service and other professional career services.
  • Participation in national and international clubs and chapters.
  • Participation at gatherings.
  • Accreditation with the University/association logotype.
  • Discounts for external companies.
  • Professional career orientation courses.
  • Gatherings of ex-fellow students.
  • Attendance at activities organized by the University or by the associations.
  • Continuing education courses (executive programmes, summer courses, etc.).
  • Course and master's degrees of the IDEC and other associated institutions.
  • Ludic activities.
  • Other services as established by the Board of Management.

8.2. It is the job of the Executive Council to determine, according to the type of beneficiary of the Programme, to which services Programme members shall have access and under which conditions.

8.3. The services offered through the UPF Alumni Programme may be free-of-charge or subject to a price or a general fee. The Board of Trustees, at the proposal of the Executive Council, shall set the prices, fees or discounts for each of the services.

Nine. Funding

The University shall contribute the economic resources necessary so that the UPF Alumni Programme can be implemented in accordance with the strategies approved by the UPF Alumni Executive Council. In the event that its management is carried out by an instrumental entity, then it shall be responsible for hiring the necessary personnel to implement the services and activities of the UPF Alumni Programme.