Approved by the Board of Governors on 4 July 2018

Sole Article

Herein, the Visiting Scholars Programme is established, the regulations for which are contained in an annex.

Sole Repealing Provision

These regulations render the Agreement of the Board of Governors of 15 July 2009 entirely void, under which the Visiting Scholars Programme is established.

First Final Provision

The vice-rector for research is empowered to implement these regulations.

Second Final Provision

These regulations enter into force the day following their approval by the Board of Governors of Pompeu Fabra University.


Visiting Scholars Programme of Pompeu Fabra University

Article 1. Status of Visiting Scholar

1.1. Visiting scholars may be anyone with the status of doctoral or predoctoral researcher in another university or research centre and who, during the enjoyment of a sabbatical, study leave, mobility programme or another similar situation applies to undertake a research residency of a minimum of one month without interruption and a maximum of two years at Pompeu Fabra University.

1.2. The status of visiting scholar is incompatible with any kind of contract with or appointment at Pompeu Fabra University.

Article 2. Visiting Scholars Register

The University has a visiting scholars register, which, besides other information, states the visiting scholars’ category as regards their holding of a PhD: postdoctoral or predoctoral.

Article 3. Prior Authorisation and Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

3.1 The residency at Pompeu Fabra University of any visiting scholar must have the prior authorisation of the director of a department or delegated member of the department’s management team. Departments may establish specific mechanisms to manage any applications they may receive and also to convey invitations that may be extended to particular people. In any case, the invitations must have the endorsement of a tenured member of the teaching staff or a member in the process of being awarded tenure or of the ICREA research group linked with the department.

3.2. Once authorisation from the department has been granted, visiting scholars, before starting their residency at Pompeu Fabra University, must sign a document accepting the general terms and conditions of their residency, which must include, if appropriate, the amount they must pay for the issue of the residency certificate, according to the current public price established by the Board of Trustees of the University.

Article 4. Commitments of Visiting Scholars

4.1. Visiting scholars commit to undertake the research activities for which they have applied for or accepted their research residency and to respect the start and finish dates of their residency. Likewise, during their residency, they must promise to observe any rules of the University that may apply to them.

4.2. Any change in the duration of the residency that may affect the initial foreseen conditions will have to be authorised by the director of the corresponding department or delegated member of the management team.

4.3. Departments, within the regulatory framework of the University, may establish additional specific obligations related with the research activity of the visiting scholars (publication of the residency and contact details of the researchers on the website and other media, mention of the department and Pompeu Fabra University in any published articles that may arise from the research undertaken during the residency, final reports, etc.).

4.4. Visiting scholars are responsible for covering their personal expenses, including travel, accommodation and living expenses as well as medical expenses or any expenses arising from accidents, as well as obtaining any visas they may need to undertake their residency at Pompeu Fabra University. 

Article 5. Commitments of Pompeu Fabra University

5.1. The departments provide visiting scholars with a document that certifies their status.

5.2. Postdoctoral and predoctoral visiting scholars enjoy the same library services, internet, online resources and sports and cultural services as Pompeu Fabra University’s trainee doctoral research and research staff, respectively. Departments can offer visiting scholars additional specific services to facilitate their research activity.

5.3. Visiting scholars can participate in postgraduate classes without being considered as students or receiving credits or grades, should the circumstances allow it and if the director of the corresponding department or delegated member of the management team gives authorisation.

Article 6. Certification of the Residency

At the end of research residencies, Pompeu Fabra University will issue visiting scholars with a certificate recognising their residency.