Agreement of the Board of Governors of 4 June 2008

(This translation into English is of an informative nature. The official version is originally in Catalan.)

Article 1. Aim and scope of application

The aim of the present is the regulation of part time dedication to degree courses as governed by Royal Decree 1393/2007, of 29 October, establishing the organisation of official university courses.

Article 2. Concept

Students will be considered part time students when the University has declared them as such by means of a specific resolution, in accordance with the present regulations. 
Depending on the year of the study plan to be done by the student, he or she will be bound to registering for the following number of credits:

a. First year

Part time students shall register for the first year of the corresponding course in two academic years. 
The first academic year the student will have to register, in agreement with the tutor assigned to him or her, as close as possible to fifty percent of the credits corresponding to the first year, taking into consideration the credit value of the subjects and their organisation in time.
The second academic year, the student shall register for the rest of the credits that make up the first year of studies.

b. Following years

Students may register for a maximum of 35 credits of new subjects.

Article 3. Tutor

A tutor will be assigned to each student who will establish the number of credits to be registered for in each academic year. It shall also be the job of the tutor to assign the timetable and class group to the student and follow up his or her overall academic progress.

Article 4. Applicant requisites

Applicants must accredit having obtained a place on the degree course(s) for which they are applying for part time status and shall be in one of the following situations:

1- Be working and need to work in order to contribute to the economic upkeep of their family unit. In this case, documents shall be submitted that prove their status of employment and the family income. 

Family income will be obtained in accordance with the provisions of the regulations governing scholarships and aid for studying.

2- Be affected by a degree of physical, sensorial or mental disability, recognised by the authorities, equal to or greater than that established in the regulations governing the reservation of places for access to University by students with special educational needs. The type and degree of disability shall determine the need to do part time studies. 

In this case, both the degree of disability recognised and the need to do part time studies as a result of this disability must be proved in the form of documents.

3- Be fifty years of age or over on the start date of the academic year.

4- Be in another extraordinary situation which the authority considers determining in order to be included as a part time student. Such situations shall require proof in the form of documents.

Article 5. Deadline

Applications must be presented within the deadline of 7 working days as of the day after the publication of the assignation of the place and shall be accompanied by the documents accrediting compliance with the requirements established in the present regulations.

Article 6. Resolution of applications

It is the job of the rector, at the proposal of the Board of Trustees, to resolve applications to study part time and, when applicable, applications to reverse the situation.

Article 7. Formalisation of registration

In order to guarantee the place assigned to them, students accepted for part-time study course types must register within the general period established by the University for other students and for the entire year.

If the application for part-time study is accepted, the secretary's office concerned must change the student's registration as instructed by the tutor.

If the registration is rejected, regardless of the decision on part-time study, the stipulations of article 4.7 of the Academic Regulations for Bachelor's Degree Courses will be applicable. In any event, the sum payable by students to the University will be the equivalent to that for registration for part-time study

Article 8. Reversal of the situation

Students doing courses in part time study mode may request to do full time courses as of the second academic year. 
The Board of Trustees may include special progression standards in the courses for these students.

Article 9. Register

For the purposes of monitoring the academic performance, fulfilment of the requisites to receive a scholarship, and other situations, the University will keep a specific register of students in part time study mode.