Agreement of the Board of Governors of 9 July 2008

(This translation into English is of an informative nature. The official version is originally in Catalan.)


Article 1. Aim and scope of application

1.1. This regulation aims to regulate the adaptation of the curriculum for students affected by a degree of physical, sensorial or mental disability, recognised by the authorities, equal to or greater than 33%, which is the degree of disability stipulated in the regulations governing the reservation of places for access to University by students with special educational needs.

Exceptionally and when duly justified, curricular adaptation may be granted to students affected by a lower degree of disability.

1.2. These regulations are applicable to students of degree courses, university master's degrees or students on their doctoral training period, all of which are governed by Royal Decree 1393/2007, of 29 October establishing the organisation of official university studies.


Article 2. Concept and scope of curricular adaptation

2.1. Curricular adaptation consists of creating a subject of equal academic value in credits and content, equivalent skills and competencies to that which the student affected by a disability cannot pass.

2.2. When a change to the teaching plan of a subject is sufficient for a student affected by a disability to be able to pass it and, therefore, there is no need to resort to adapting the curriculum, the lecturer in charge of the subject will propose a specific teaching plan which shall ensure that the student will achieve the equivalent contents, skills and competencies. The proposed teaching plan must be approved by the competent academic authority.

2.3. Curricular adaptation may not exceed 15% of the credits of the syllabus, necessary to pass the degree.

2.4. To pass the degree, students who have been granted curricular adaptation must have passed the total number of credits planned in the syllabus.


Article 3. Requisites made of applicants

Students may apply for the curricular adaptation of a subject when the type or degree of disability they are affected by does not enable them to learn and pass it and when they have not completed the continuous assessment or sat the final evaluation.


Article 4. Application and deadline

4.1. Documents proving the degree of disability, unless the individual has gained a place at UPF through the channel of reserved places for students with special educational needs, or for whom the university already possesses such documents.

Also, documents must be submitted which demonstrate the lack of suitability between the disability and passing the evaluation of the subject.

4.2. The curricular adaptation of a subject may be applied for at any time during the academic year in which the subject is taught, up until the last day of classes established in the academic calendar of the term to which the subject corresponds.


Article 5. Tutors

Students with special educational needs will be assigned a tutor who shall perform the following functions:

- General academic follow-up of the student.
- Guidance in choosing the optionality and especially in the tracks that, when applicable, are indicated by the syllabus.
- Adaptation, if necessary, of the internships that, when applicable, are established by the syllabus.
- Provide the didactic materials adapted to the disability.
- Draw up or ensure the drafting of teaching plans for the adapted subjects and perform their specific academic follow-up.


Article 6. Resolution

6.1. It is the job of the vice-rector for teaching affairs, at the proposal of the dean or corresponding director, to resolve applications for degree course curricular adaptation. For master's degree courses and the doctoral training period, competency shall fall with the vice-rector for postgraduate affairs, at the proposal of the coordinator of the master's degree or of the doctoral student, depending on the case.

6.2. The proposal shall contain the following for each of the subjects for which curricular adaptation is applied for:
- Proof of the student's incapacity to follow the learning and pass the evaluation of a subject or educational activity of the syllabus.
- An adapted teaching plan for the subject, which shall have been drawn up by the tutor, presented to the lecturer responsible for the subject that cannot be passed, and approved by the competent academic authority, declaring that it is equivalent in content, skills and competencies to the subject that cannot be passed.
- Equal academic value in credits of the two subjects.

6.3. The resolution establishes the period in which the student may study the new, adapted subject, which must take place in the same term or the two terms following the term corresponding to the insuperable subject.


Article 7. Academic transcript and European Diploma Supplement

Adapted educational subjects or activities form part of the student's curriculum. Upon their incorporation into the European Diploma Supplement, it must be stated that subjects are from an adapted curriculum.