Resolution of the Board of Trustees of 9 June 2016

Article 1. Object and scope

The object of this rule is to regulate aspects relating to continuance in Master's Degree programmes, governed by Royal Decree 1393/2007, of 29 October, as amended by Royal Decree 861/2010, establishing the regulation of official university studies.

Article 2. Continuance

To continue the same studies, students must have passed at least 50% of the credits corresponding to the subject for which they have enrolled in the first year of the master's degree.

For the purposes of this article, when a certain number of credits has to be determined and the result of the calculation is a number with a decimal fraction, the whole number without the decimal fraction will be taken into account.

Article 3. Examination diets

Students who have not forfeited the right to continue their studies, according to the provisions of these rules, are allowed two examination diets per subject.

Once students have failed to pass the examination after two diets, they may request a third extraordinary attempt.

Article 4. Procedure

Students must submit the application for an extraordinary examination attempt, and applications for continuance, attaching the supporting documentation of the reasons that form the basis for their request, within the term of fifteen days after definitive publication of the grades obtained.

Article 5. Competent body

The responsibility for ruling on applications in relation to continuance lies with the rector.

The rector may ask the Board of Trustees for a prior report in cases in which he/she considers that the opinion of this representative body could contribute additional information to the ruling.

The rector may establish in the ruling, if favourable, the academic conditions under which the student is authorized to enrol.

The rector must issue an annual report to the Board of Trustees, stating the entire activity in relation to applications for continuance.

Final repealing provision. With the coming into effect of these rules, the rules for continuance of students of official master's degree programmes approved by a Resolution of the Board of Trustees of 25 May 2006, as amended by a resolution of 13 May 2008 are repealed.

Sole final provision. These rules will be applicable to applications on which the resolutions are to have effects as of the academic year 2016-2017.