Resolution of the Board of Trustees dated 25 May 2006 and 13 July 2008

(This translation into English is of an informative nature. The official version is originally in Catalan.)

Article 46.3 of Organic Law 6/2001, dated 21 December, on Universities stipulates that the Board of Trustees shall approve the regulations governing progress and continuance of students at the university, in accordance with the characteristics of the respective studies.

In view of the implementation of new university study programmes at Pompeu Fabra University, such as the official master, relating to the second cycle of postgraduate studies, there is a need to determine the requirements for students continuing studies. These requirements must be defined on the basis of the desire to achieve maximum benefits on the part of students during the first year.

At the request of the Board of Governors, the Board of Trustees is approving the following regulations for the continuance of students on official postgraduate master programmes.

1. Continuance

In order to continue with the same study programme, students must have successfully completed at least 50% of the credits corresponding to subjects on which the students enrolled for the first year of the master programme.

At the request of the Board of Trustees, it will be incumbent on the rector to adopt a resolution regarding applications associated with the continuance of studies, based on the circumstances declared by the students.

For the purposes of this article, when a specific number of credits relating to the studies needs to be calculated and said calculation gives a result that leads to a number with a decimal point, the whole number will be taken into consideration without the decimal fraction.

2. Calls

2.1. Total number of examination calls per subject

The students who, in accordance to what is established under these regulations, have not lost the right to continue their studies, have two examination calls per subject.

2.2. Application for an extraordinary examination call

Students who must abandon their studies because they have used up both examination calls can apply for a third extraordinary examination call. To do so they must submit an application in this sense to the rector, together with any documents justifying the reasons on which they base their application, within fifteen days since the final evaluations were made public.

It corresponds to the rector, upon proposal of the Board of Trustees, to resolve such applications, and the resolution itself may include, whenever it is positive, the academic conditions under which students are authorised to enrol.

3. Students wishing to continue study programmes at UPF

This regulation applies to students who have embarked on a master programme at another university and wish to continue at Pompeu Fabra University when the master is governed by its own specific guidelines.

Likewise, when the competent committee for official postgraduate affairs determines that the master is equivalent, this regulation will apply.